Become a mobile home owner in Plougasnou Brittany

You could become the owner of a mobile home in Plougasnou [ Brittany]
By becoming the owner of a mobile home, you could:

  • Go on holiday any time between April and October to a small, peaceful and family-friendly campsite
  • Invite your family and friends
  • Rent out your mobile home, either by yourself or via us making use of our local knowledge, and use the rentals you earn towards your own ground rent.
  • Buy a brand new mobile home, or a second-hand one, or even one that is already on site. [There are additional options available (e.g. the installation of decking)
  • Use us to take care of the installation, including all services [water, gas, electricity etc.]including use of a crane if necessary. Charges would depend on individual circumstances.
  • Avoid all local taxes, property-owner taxes, water and electricity charges. Only tourist taxes would be required (0.22€ per adult per day)

All this is subject to the French Camping and Caravanning Federation’s standard contracts – renewable annually, and binding on both tenants and the proprietor. Everything can be terminated or transferred. This represents a sound, risk-free investment.
Hesitate no longer – come and join us!

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